The choice of Eco-friendly paper is invaluable to ensure the future of mother earth and mankind.

  Launched its business in 1990 with the catch phrase “guider to all paper,” Samwon paper specializes in the premium specialty paper which led the market and supplies the world’s top printing, graphic, designing, and industrial specialty paper through the optimal customer service and tactile product development with a close partnership with 50 different oversea mills.
  In the start of the 21st century, Samwon Paper has issued the domestic industry's first FSC CoC certification for sustainable forest management and placed Samwon at the forefront of its eco-friendly competition, becoming recognized as role model. In addition, not only does Samwon Paper provide product service but takes a role as a 'Total Solution Provider' to reach out to our customers to provide a sense of design and up-to-date information on print-related knowledge.
  Samwon Paper will continue to value incessant innovation and new challenges, and hold true to the purpose of promoting high-quality paper to contribute to the development of Korean industrial design as its cornerstone.

  In the future, Samwon will further develop its business philosophy to “Love people” through continuous effort to be mindful of bringing forth a happy future for all.